This website, the server that hosts it, and other things it hosts are all part of a project/hobby to help me learn more computer science related things.
Anything made here is done because it was fun to make, challenging, or just because I felt like it.


The physical server is built and hosted locally. In terms of hardware it runs an mATX motherboard, 240GB SSD, 8GB RAM, GT1030, 450W Bronze PSU, and a Ryzen 5 2600 (6C, 3.4Ghz). Combined with a case and a cable, the total cost of the server was $802.23 NZD.


The website is hosted on the above server using XAMPP.

SSL Certificates are generated by LetsEncrypt (via CertBot).

The NachoToast.com domain costs approximately $8 NZD a year under Cloudflare, and the ntgc.ddns.net domain is freely registered under no-ip.com, with built-in DDNS.

Other Software

NachoBot runs as a PM2 process using Discord.js and Node.

Minecraft runs on Java 11 and (normally) on Paper Spigot.

The server runs Ubuntu 20.04.